GED Test Subjects

The GED exam covers four topics (subjects): social sciences, academic disciplines, maths and languages ​​(reading and writing).

The GED language exam test (reading and writing) is used to assess reading comprehension, writing skills and expressing thoughts clearly. It takes 150 minutes with a 10-minute break. The reading section tests the ability to understand a fragment of a text and answer questions about it. The text may be a speech, a letter, a newspaper article, or an excerpt from a book. In the section of the test devoted to writing (language), you have to answer questions about the correct spelling. This is where grammar knowledge is tested. The first two sections contain multiple-choice questions and other simple types of questions. The third part is essay writing. You do not need to know any facts to pass the language test. All that is required is to show that you understand what you read by answering questions and that you can write in English without errors.

The GED social studies test assesses knowledge of the history, economics, and geography of the United States, as well as familiarity with a number of global issues. They expect basic knowledge of the USA, the global economy and geography. First of all, examiners assess not the knowledge of facts but the ability to understand and interpret information. The exam lasts 70 minutes. It contains several types of questions. Topics include the foundations of state and law (50%), US history (20%), economics (15%), geography and the world (15%). You can easily find GED social studies study guide and social studies GED practice online.

The GED math lessons exam tests knowledge in a number of areas of science. This includes knowledge of mathematical methods, data analysis, arithmetic thinking and the ability to think logically. The ability to think logically implies the ability to understand the information presented and answer questions relating to it. The most complex topics are covered in just a few questions in the test. The GED math lessons test lasts 115 minutes and is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 (first 5-7 questions) – without a calculator;
  • Part 2 (remaining questions – about 40) – work with the calculator is allowed.

First, participants in the exam must answer the first questions (without a calculator) and only then move on to the second part of the test.

The GED science exam test assesses an understanding of basic scientific concepts. The test covers certain sections of science: biology, physics, earth and sky. They also check if you know how scientists work with ideas (scientific method).

The test lasts 90 minutes and includes 34 to 45 questions of various types. Many points of the test contain a simple scientific text with questions on it. When answering a number of questions, you can use a calculator.