GED Academy

GED Academy is characterized as an online, mobile-friendly class that gets training for students exactly what they require to know to undergo the GED® Test. Utilizing built-in practice tests, the versatile learning system composes an individual learning plan for each student, disregarding skills they have already obtained. With over 3,500 interactive classes and lessons, this course will make fully be ready in each GED subject area: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Along the way, educators can track progress, make learning plans individual, and define exactly when students are ready to take the GED Test.

GED Academy classes are created for all learners, with careful attention to the needs of those who do not get benefits from common classroom learning. Because of this, the classes of ACE GED are created with features to help the broadest possible group of students. There may get benefits in the following aspects:

  • hearing disabilities;
  • visual disabilities;
  • physical disabilities.