GED Types of Questions

What is a GED test? This page contains the information you need to know about this test.

What should I expect?

The exam includes four parts, each of which is devoted to one area (subject).

The entire exam lasts from 7 to 8 hours, but each of the four parts can be taken separately for 2 years. For families with children and those who work hard, this is convenient. You have the opportunity to consistently prepare for each part of the exam for 8 months. You can first pass on what you already know well, and thus gain time in training in other disciplines.

To understand whether you are ready to take the exam, you can use free online tests. For example, you can take the Wake Tech website to take GED.

Types of questions

The GED test includes various types of questions.

Multiple-choice questions

The main part of the test is composed of multiple-choice questions. In these questions, several answers are offered. The question may concern text, pictures, maps. It can be a diagram: chart, table, graph.

The advantage of these questions is that the right answer is always before your eyes. The main thing is to understand what option it is. To do this, carefully read the available information. No less attention needs to be paid to the issue. Sometimes the question is confusing, for example: «Which answer is incorrect?»

Other types of questions

There are other types of questions in the GED exam tests:

  • questions with drag and drop answers,
  • questions with drop-down lists
  • questions with empty fields to fill out, etc.

Written questions

The GED exam also includes “extended response” questions. This means that you need to write an essay on a given topic: a short essay for 4–7 paragraphs.
Testers want to see that you can understand the information, develop an idea or opinion, give examples and clearly write your thoughts. They also want to see that you can write English correctly and use a computer to present your work.