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Distance Learning—GED to Go!

Distance Learning—GED to Go!

This is your opportunity to gain College and Career Readiness (CCR) skills and/or work towards getting your GED!

I will help you plan, study, and prepare to take the GED test while at the same time incorporating CCR Core skills. CCR Core skills are a set of college and career readiness standards that represent relevant content to help prepare adult students for success in college, technical training programs, work, and citizenship. There are four areas of those skills: English language arts/literacy, science, social studies, and mathematics.

We will cover lessons in a variety of formats, but distance learning is centered on consistent and diligent self-study. I am your coach and will help you navigate through the class, but you will have to be dedicated to your studies in order to meet your goals!

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Class Times and Meetings

The Distance Learning class does not have "traditional" style class times. Instead, we meet in a variety of methods at least once a week. Those methods are: Phone call, library meeting, Skype or Facetime, email, or text. Phone call is the preferred method.

*Contact between student and coach must be at least once a week.*


Contact Kathy Garrou
Registration and admission are ongoing! You can begin any time!

Preferred Meeting Locations

Gordonsville Library (Tuesday-Friday)
North Branch Charlottesville JMRL location

Contact Information

Amanda Boisvert
540.223.1997 (call or text any time)