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Using Google Drive

Using Google Drive

First, you will need to sign into your Gmail account


       Next, look for the nine squares icon on the next to
       your account n
ame (top,right).

This is where
you have access to all of your Google your account n
ame (top,right).

Click on the Drive icon

Your Drive will open in a new tab.
If you click on the red CREATE button, you can choose from a variety of options.

Create folders to help you organize documents and then click & drag them into the folders you have made.

You can also search for docs by typing a couple of key words (e.g. "GED meeting") in the box at the top and then clicking on the blue button to the right

To find documents choose one of the options listed on the left.
Shared with Me - let's you see all docs that others have created and shared with you
Recent - let's you go quickly to docs you
 were just working on