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Signing Into Gmail

Signing Into Gmail

Don't Remember Hot to Sign Into Your Account?   
 Please review the directions below and then, click on the link above.

1.) Open a browser and go to the URL (web address):
(our accounts are really gmail accounts)

2.) Type in your full school email address: "" (all lowercase letters), your password, and then click, the blue Sign In button at the bottom.

Google like to try to remember your account, but if someone else's account is listed, just click on the Add account (or Manage accounts) option at the bottom and then put in your information.

If this drives you crazy, you can remove saved account by clicking on Remove (pictured to the right of the Add account option, see graphic below)

Once you are signed in (and you will know this because your email address will appear in the top, right corner), you will be able to visit all of the pages in the For Teachers section of our site.

FOR TEACHERS SECTION    Open a new tab and then type our web address .  Because you have already signed in you can just go to the For Teachers page, click the Enter button, and you will then have access to all of the password-protected pages and documents.

No one at (inc. the administrator) has access to your email or documents content unless you it share it with us.

I also cannot see your password if you have changed it, but I can reset it.  Just let me know if you need me to do this.

SIGNING OUT    When you finish please remember to Sign Out.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!!  Especially if you are working on a public computer, if you don't sign out then the next person who comes along will have access to your account and our site.


I have a personal Gmail account and am not able to sign into my account?

Our school accounts are "Gmail" and therefore you can't be signed into two different Google accounts on the same browser.  
  • You can either sign out of your personal account and then into your school gmail   OR
  • You can open two different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) and open each account in a separate browser.