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ESOL: Intermediate/Advanced

English Resources: Intermediate / Advanced  

USA Learns (No ads) - multi-level English practice with videos, vocabulary, and exercises. Requires log-in with email address (free). 

5 Minute English (No ads- short easy explanations and exercises 

BBC's Learning English (No ads- comprehensive language site with video series, grammar, news, and practice activities


Learn English: Voice of America (No ads- read news and follow along with audio (also individual word definitions)

News For You (No ads- current news articles written for intermediate ESOL students with optional audio. Some are free, but ask your teacher (TJ ACE students only) for our password to get complete access to the site 

Listen & Read Along: Voice of America (No ads- Listen and read long with many simplified classic American stories 

Readings for ESL (No ads- short stories with an on-line comprehension quiz to go with them.

Easy Reading for Adults 1- short stories with accompanying resources including: cloze, crosswords & mixed up sentences

Easy Reading for Adults 2  - more stories and activities

PBS NewsHour (No ads- stories, videos and class activities about current topics and news (more advanced)