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ESOL: Citizenship

English Resources: U.S. Citizenship 

Preparing for the Naturalization Interview Internet Resources
Adult Learning Center, Charlottesville, Virginia (updated May 2014)

    Once you make the decision to become a United States Citizen, there are many resources to help you.  As a first step, we recommend you look over the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services information page.

    Included are videos, web and and print materials to help you prepare for the naturalization interview. We are using some of these materials in class.  

There are four elements to the U. S. citizenship naturalization interview:

Listening and Speaking

You will be asked questions about your N-400 application.  These may include questions about your employment, your family, your current and previous addresses, and your travel outside the U.S..  Preparation for this portion of the interview can include taking English classes, taking a citizenship class, and understanding the questions and answers on your own N-400 application. 

Reading and Writing 

You will be asked to write a sentence which is read to you.  You will have three chances to write the correct sentence.  You need to write only ONE correct sentence to pass.  

You will also be asked to read a sentence.  You will have three opportunities to read a sentence correctly.  You need to read only ONE correct sentence to pass. 

Although we do not know what the sentences will be, we do know the vocabulary words which will be included in both the reading and writing.  Here are the links to the word lists:

Civics and Government

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has prepared 100 questions for you to study.  At the interview you must be able to answer six questions correctly.  You may be asked up to 10 questions, but once you answer six correctly, you pass.  There are many study materials available to you, including the following:

The 100 questions, with answers. Click on each Question Audio link to hear the question.

Preparing for the Oath - A new resource developed spring 2012 by USCIS

Naturalization Self-Test - test yourself on the 100 questions!

Other Resources:

These youtube videos read the questions and answers, while you look at the text:

Citizenship - New Naturalization Test, 2011 (three parts)

Videos of practice interviews with actual students: (from Minnesota Learning Council)

About U.S. Citizenship Test