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Taking a GED Practice Test

Taking a GED® Practice Test

There are several practice tests available to see if you are ready to take the real GED® exams. These are offered in books and software from other vendors.

The practice tests sold by the GED
® Testing Service are called
GED Ready™. They cost $6 per subject test and represent about 1/2 of the questions and time of a real GED exam.  Currently the GED® Testing Service is only offering two versions of the GED Ready tests per subject so make sure you are prepared before you take one. If you are not sure, try an unofficial practice test first (see link below).

Real GED® exams must be taken at an official Pearson VUE  testing center, but you may take your practice test wherever you have a computer with internet connection. 

TIME - GED Ready™ tests take half the time of the full length GED® Exam.

 Subject GED® Exam GED Ready™
 MATH 115 mins 60 mins
 SOCIAL STUDIES 90 mins (includes 25 for Extended  Response/short essay) 60 mins
 SCIENCE 90 mins 47 mins
 READING/LANGUAGE ARTS 140 mins (includes 45 for Extended  Response/essay) 95 mins

Be careful, however, because once you start you must continue or loose your money/voucher. Make sure you have the following conditions before you begin:

Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher, Max OSX 10.3.9 or higher

Internet Browser: Firefox 6, Safari 5.0, Chrome 12, Internet Explorer 8, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in order to run the Practice Test.

Internet Connection: You will need a sustained, high speed, Internet connection for the duration of the Practice Test.

To prepare/practice: