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Taking a GED Exam

Taking a GED® Exam

Unlike practice tests which can be taken online, the real, full-length GED® exams must be taken at an official Person VUE testing center like the ALC

Visit this page to read about the content covered on each of the four, separate subject exams.

 Reasoning Through
 Language Arts
 150 minutes (total)
 Math 115 minutes (total)
 Social Studies 90 minutes (total)
 Science 90 minutes (total)



More information:

Will the fourth attempt be free or will I have to pay for it?

After receiving two retakes at the reduced price, the price of the test subject returns to the regular price. If you fail that subject again, you will receive two more retakes at the reduced rate.

What if I pass a subject and want to retest for a higher score?

The discounted retest policy only applies to failed tests.

To receive the discount, do the retests need to be taken within 12 months of when I failed the subject test?

The discount applies to two retests, taken within 12 months of your initial failed subject test.

How do I schedule my discounted retakes?

You can use your discounted retakes by simply logging into your MyGED™ account and scheduling your GED® test the same way you scheduled your test the first time. When you start the scheduling process, you’ll see the non-discounted test price. Once you select your test, test time, and testing center, you’ll be taken to the checkout screen where your price will automatically reflect your discount. You can also contact the call center and schedule directly over the phone.

I passed all of my tests. What’s next?

After passing all four parts, you will be notified on your Scores page that you have passed the GED® test. Depending on where you live, you may need to contact your local or state office for the transcript and diploma. If you live in one of the states using GED CredentialingTM, you will automatically receive an electronic, secure, diploma and Smart Transcript. This is delivered immediately to your email address after your test is scored. You can view, print and request a professionally-printed diploma free of charge. You can also email the electronic transcript to an employer or college of your choice. These features are all available through GED CredentialingTM.