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GED Exams

GED® Exams

A new series of GED® exams started on January 1, 2014. Anyone who did not complete the previous series before 1/1/14 will need to start again with testing.  It is still a measure of adult career and college readiness, but it has changed in many ways.

The new test is different and challenging, but we are here to help you prepare!

At A Glance:

  • (4) Subject exams: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies & Science that can be taken together or one at a time

  • Cost = $30/each exam ($10 for next two retakes)

  • Computer-based, but taken at the ALC (details) & other official testing centers

  • Students now register directly online at
  • Computer-based test, however not available online. Students will need to come to an official testing center (the ALC will be one of these)
  • The cost to take each exam will be $30. ($120 total for the entire battery of exams)
  • Scores will range from 100 to 200 and anything 150 or above is considered "passing". Scores of 170 and above are considered passing "with honors". There will be no requirement for total points. Testers will complete their GED® when they pass all of the four exams.
  • Writing is required on three of the exams: an extended response on the RLA (45 minutes), extended response on Social Studies (25 mins), and two short answer responses on Science (10 mins for each).  
  • Math is required on three of the exams: Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. (Visit our Using the Calculator page to learn more)
  • Students will be given an erasable note board and pen for planning essays and working out math problems. Scratch paper is not allowed. 
  • Testers will need a variety of basic computer skills (see "Digital Literacy" below)
  • Soon after an exam, testers will have access to their scores and a report about the areas where they need improvement

What's On the Test?


Digital Literacy

GED® Test on Computer (video)  The exams will be delivered on the computer at official GED® testing locations, but not online.

 Item Types

 Hot spot        
 Short answer        
 Extended response        

To see samples of the different types of items on the tests, visit this:

The skills test-takers need are the same as the skills needed to succeed in academic settings and the workplace:
  • using the mouse and keyboard
  • scrolling down a page
  • reading text on the computer screen
  • dragging and dropping answers into a graph or chart
  • navigating between tabs to read passages
  • using navigation arrows 
  • typing in one word or extended response answers
  • working with interactive images such as graphs with plot points
  • being able to use an on-screen calculator (Official Calculator Tutorial)
  • cutting, copying, and pasting text
  • selecting words or symbols from a drop down menu

Prepare and Practice

Creating a My GED® Account (you will need to do this first)

Where to go to practice